Sunday, December 06, 2009

AP: Terrorists Now Headlined As Gangsters

The AP reports that Pakistani police engaged a bunch of terrorists and killed one and captured five others, all while seizing a bunch of suicide vests, grenades, guns, and ammunition. So, how does the AP headline this report?

Pakistani police arrest gang accused in bombing
Police said the commandos encountered fierce resistance when they stormed the compound in the village of Kaka Khel near Peshawar, the largest city in the area and the main gateway to the Afghan border region where many al-Qaida and Taliban insurgents are based.

Militants have carried out a wave of deadly attacks in and around Peshawar in apparent retaliation for an army offensive in the tribal area of South Waziristan.

Three suicide jackets as well as a number of bombs, grenades, rocket-propelled grenades and other weapons were seized from the compound, regional police Chief Liaquat Ali Khan said.

He said one suspect was killed and five others arrested following a gunbattle that lasted more than two hours. A search operation for more militants continued in the area, some 30 miles (50 kilometers) east of Peshawar.

The detained are suspected of involvement in recent bombings and other attacks not only in Peshawar but in Islamabad and its sister city of Rawalpindi, Khan said, declining to be more specific.

In the latest major attack, a team of gunmen and suicide bombers struck a mosque Friday in Rawalpindi, killing 37 people, including several senior army officers.
These aren't mere gangsters, but terrorists who are seeking to undermine the Pakistani government and pushing an Islamist agenda. They want autonomy in the frontier provinces and are aligned with the Taliban in the NWFP and Waziristan to establish and maintain safe havens there for the Taliban and their al Qaeda affiliates. The terrorists continue their war against the Pakistani government and are using an agreement between certain Taliban groups and the government to spread their ideology and operate against the government forces in the region.

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