Friday, July 25, 2008


I guess the Los Angeles Times will have to report on this story after all. Their self imposed blackout on the news that John Edwards might have had a love child with a mistress was blacked out by the Times editorial board.

Now, a criminal complaint has been filed by two National Enquirer reporters against the Beverly Hills Hilton over their treatment while trying to question John Edwards over his affair and relationship with Rielle Hunter.
NATIONAL ENQUIRER reporters Alan Butterfield and Alexander Hitchen filed a criminal complaint with the Beverly Hills Police Department on Thursday, July 24, charging that hotel security acted unlawfully while the reporters were trying to question the former senator.

Edwards now could be contacted by police to give an eyewitness account of what occurred.

Hotel security tried to stop the reporters from questioning Edwards in the basement of the hotel at approximately 2:40 a.m. Tuesday, July 22 after Edwards came off an elevator and appeared to be attempting to leave the hotel unseen.
The National Enquirer has pursued this story even though no one else in the media thought that there was anything there. An incurious media ignored this story, and one would have to wonder whether they would have done so if the politician involved was a Republican.

There is one person I feel sorry for in this whole mess - Elizabeth Edwards - the better half of that family relationship. And I've always felt that she was the more qualified of the two to run for President.

FoxNews does what the Los Angeles Times refused to do - hunt down whether Edwards was present at the hotel at the time the Enquirer says he was.

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