Monday, September 03, 2007

The Surge and Where Do We Go From Here

As I noted earlier today, President Bush made a surprise visit to Iraq today to visit with troops in al Anbar province. President Bush's visit certainly sparked quite a bit of commentary - not all of it positive among those bloggers active this Labor Day. Some would complain about the fact that Bush was smiling. Jammie has more on the craziness.

The WaPo wonders why troop deaths are down - they can't quite figure out why and say that the causes aren't clear. Well, there are some reasons - namely that we've figured out how to kill terrorists better than they've adapted to our changed tactics. If you keep killing terrorists and there are fewer taking their place, you win the battlefield.

And we're doing this while on the offense.

This doesn't mean that everything is peachy - the Yezidi massacre of 500 Iraqis by al Qaeda shows that the terrorists can still inflict serious pain on the Iraqi people, but they can't keep that kind of tempo going - not in the face of an ongoing military effort to clear and hold areas all over Iraq. Tribes have turned against al Qaeda precisely because they've found al Qaeda's brutality repugnant and horrific.

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