Monday, September 03, 2007

Sderot Under Siege

Earlier today, Palestinian terrorists fired a barrage of kassam rockets into Israel - and one landed at an Israeli day care center. The AP reports that the Palestinian rocket attack in Sderot hit near an Israeli day care center.
A Palestinian rocket exploded Monday next to a day care center crowded with toddlers in southern Israel, sparking anger and panic in the frequently targeted town of Sderot and bringing warnings of retribution from Israeli leaders.

No one was hurt, but the blast and the panic underlined Israel's ineffectiveness in the face of the primitive rockets, which fall daily despite frequent Israeli airstrikes and occasional ground offensives.
The AP got this story wrong. The fricking rocket landed in the day care center's courtyard. That's not near the day care center - that's in the day care center. One of the center's buildings was damaged.

That's not near - that's hit.

And children and adults were injured in the attacks - 12 were taken to hospitals for treatment of shock. That's not simply something that you can ignore. Yet, the AP reports this attack, which was done on purpose by the Palestinians to send a message to Israelis as they start the school year , as though it's not as grievous as it was. The AP ignores the message sent by Islamic Jihad:
The Islamic Jihad said they had fired nine Kuds-3 rockets, saying on their internet site that the attack was "a present for the start of the new school year."
Islamic Jihad will continue the rocket attacks, because Israel has shown that it cannot deal with the rocket attacks in any significant way as much as Israel's Olmert says that the Palestinians will pay.

Israelis living in Sderot aren't waiting for Olmert to take action. They're taking their kids out of the schools and day care centers.

Via Discarded Lies and Powerline, video from the day care center in Sderot:

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