Friday, September 07, 2007

Die Not Dye

Supposedly there will be a new video of Osama coming out in the next few days. Just in time for the sixth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. A photo on the website where the video is expected to be released shows an Osama with a dye job and he's wearing what appears to be clothes worn in earlier videos.

I'm suspecting that we'll get the photo and an audio track, but no real video of Osama. I don't expect that we'll get a new video of Osama either. It will likely be recuts of earlier video. I'm not alone in that suspicion.

You could have fooled me that this was an Osama video and not anti-American, anti-West talking points typically found on leftist websites and even spewed by various Democrats. Indeed, many of the comments are identical to those by leading Democratic party politicians. Hot Air has a partial video and wonders whether Osama's hiding out in the Pakistani hinterlands.

The full transcript reveals a couple of basic points. Osama, or whoever wrote this piece for this video, wants you to know that you have two choices - convert to Islam or die.

There's no real way around that conclusion. He says that we've brought this on ourselves for buying into the idea of democracy, and then ascribes every worldly woe to democracy, and corporate greed.

Those are typical leftist talking points, which would help explain why he thinks that Noam Chomsky is someone who should be adulated.

Everything and the kitchen sink is thrown in for good measure. Global warming? Check. Failure to sign Kyoto? Check. Mortgage meltdown? Check. High taxes? Check. No blood for oil? Check. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theory? Check. Corporate control over the people? Check.

That whole list of grievances can be corrected in one easy step - convert to Islam.

The failure to do so means continued war.

Gateway Pundit has a huge roundup of reax.

There's a third option that Osama doesn't provide, but I will do so out of the need for completeness. Osama should just admit that he's lost this war of ideas and that killing people indiscriminately out of a religious obligation is counterproductive and only results in death and misery for millions.

He can't out-gun the Americans, so he figures that he'll try the agitprop route. This statement is yet another da'wa, an invitation to Islam, the failure of which is violence forcing submission. Osama isn't the first Islamist to go this route. Iran's Ahmadinejad made similar statements in the past year.

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