Friday, September 07, 2007

Where's Hsu Going?

He should be going directly to jail. He should not pass Go. He should not collect any money.

Hsu was captured in Grand Junction, Colorado after skipping a bail hearing after he was arrested last week.
Hsu had posted a $2 million bond last Friday after he turned himself in to authorities in California on a 16-year-old grand theft conviction, a San Mateo County, California, Superior Court spokeswoman said. But a bench warrant was issued for his arrest after he failed to show up for a bail reduction hearing Wednesday.

Grand Junction police Sgt. Lonnie Chavez said Hsu became ill while traveling on an Amtrak train as it passed through Grand Junction. Amtrak officials called for an ambulance, and Hsu was taken off the train and to St. Mary's Hospital for treatment, Chavez said.

Chavez said the FBI was tipped off that Hsu may be at the hospital.

Although Hsu was still at the hospital Thursday night, he is in federal custody, Chavez said. He said privacy rules prevented him from revealing the nature of Hsu's illness.

Unless doctors decide to keep Hsu in the hospital for treatment, he is expected to face a federal magistrate judge in Grand Junction on Friday morning, FBI Special Agent Joe Schadler said. Hsu will be returned to California to be sentenced in San Mateo Superior Court in connection with his 1991 conviction, Schadler said.

Hsu had been a top contributor to Democrats, including presidential candidates Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama. But their campaigns and others said they have returned or given to charity donations from Hsu, who had an open bench warrant for his arrest in California.
He should never have been granted bail in the first place considering he fled the country before sentencing on his conviction for grand theft.

The multi-million dollar question remains where he obtained all that money.

Hot Air has running updates, and notes that ICE was involved in the arrest.
Hsu is currently being held in federal custody at St. Mary's and is said to be in fair condition.

Officers from the Grand Junction Police Department and agents from the Denver office of the FBI placed him under arrest. He will remain in federal custody until returned to state custody. At that time the federal charges will be dismissed.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the US State Department Diplomatic Security Service assisted in the investigation.
This is all quite curious. Was Hsu in the US illegally? Is someone going to check to see whether the other individuals associated with Hsu were here legally as well.

With the shell game going on with Hsu's supposed business ventures, where did all the money come from? Is Hsu a middleman for someone higher up in the food chain? Are there others like Hsu out there?

These are fair questions to ask given the suspicious circumstances of Hsu's arrests and subsequent flight from justice.

No one is quite saying for sure what medical ailment required paramedics to bring Hsu to the hospital, but he apparently walked off the train on his own. Still, this raises some questions about his health status or maybe it's just karma.

The media is still not pressing this story as much as it should.

One place that Hsu never apparently went: the inside of a voting booth. There is no indication that he ever voted in the US.

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