Sunday, May 28, 2006

Can Matt Bai Get Real?

Matt Bai lets us know that Daily Kos followers will be meeting in Las Vegas next week in order to participate in YearlyKos. Bai says that these folks are hoping to change the nature of American politics.

Nowhere in the article does Bai mention that Kos' record on endorsements is still perfect. Perfectly awful, that is.

Kos candidates are 0 for 17.

Not a single candidate that he and his followers have backed and used his considerable blog-following to support has won an election anywhere.

I'd suggest that Kos' political acumen strongly lags his ability to grow a following and site traffic. And that's being charitable.

There's nothing wrong with people being interested in politics or trying to shape the destiny of issues and political parties on which they have strong interests. But one shouldn't distort the reality thus far of what has been accomplished in these efforts.

Daily Kos may eventually back a winner or even a bunch of winning campaigns, but shouldn't we wait until they do before writing pieces lauding their ability to sit at the dais with Howard Dean and other leading Democrat party leaders?

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