Sunday, May 28, 2006

Where the Streets Have Names of Terrorists

Gaza's streets are often named in memory of suicide bombers and terrorists who have been killed in operations against Israel. Two days ago Hamas told its terrorist minions to leave the streets - as if trying to avert a showdown with Fatah.

That lasted all of 24 hours. Hamas militias are back on the streets, and neither Fatah nor Hamas are backing down on their fight for control over the future of the Palestinian people.

Blue Crab Boulevard remarks that the supposed deal averting a civil war was drawn up by Hamas and Fatah terrorists sitting in an Israeli prison.

Ed Morrissey also notes Hamas taking up positions on the streets and preparing positions for a possible conflict with Fatah. Considering that Hamas rejected the so-called referrendum idea floated by Fatah, Hamas is definitely digging in.

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