Saturday, May 27, 2006

Jesse Macbeth Back In Blogging News

Someone has apparently posted a copy of Macbeth's DD-214, which is the Department of Defense's separation or discharge from active duty form. Those with military service, including Mudville Gazette, have already started taking the alleged form apart, and among their findings:

1) Macbeth was a washout - having been in boot camp for just over one month before quitting;
2) Macbeth never made it into the Rangers, let alone served in Iraq;
3) Forging a DD-214 is a federal crime.

So, if this form is even accurate, and there are questions about that, it shows that Macbeth lied about his standing as a US soldier, let alone a US Army Ranger, never went to Iraq, never got injured, and has lied about every aspect of his term of service.

And the reason provided on the form for his separation from service? QandO notes:
discharge code in block 26, which is "JGA". That means "Entry level status performance and conduct or entry level status performance - pregnancy". That's an "either or" code. It means the person discharged was discharged because of "entry level status performance and conduct" OR "entry level status performance - pregnant". Obviously MacBeth was the former.

Others taking note of the availablity of Macbeth's purported DD-214: Michelle Malkin, Hot Air, OPFOR, Blackfive, and Jeff Goldstein

UPDATE 5/28/2006:
McQ at QandO has actually obtained the official DD-214, and there are no font issues or other questions relating to provenance or authenticity. Macbeth was a washout, and was not a US Army Ranger, let alone serve in Iraq.
When you see it, there will be no doubt that this is his real DD214. There are no "font" issues. There are no non-standard notations. It is a simple document showing the 30+ day service record of someone who wasn't around long enough to earn anything.

It shows that he lasted all of one month and 13 days in the Army. It also shows he that he never had a primary specialty nor any awards and decorations. None. It also shows he was an E1 when discharged.
Macbeth was a poseur when this whole mess started, and nothing has changed, except proof that he's nothing more than a liar and should be prosecuted for impersonating an officer.

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