Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Translations Continue and Curious Finds Abound

Pajamas Media has one of the more interesting tidbits of information gleaned from the document dump by the US Government from the millions of documents captured in Iraq.
A. During the visit of the Sudanese Dr. Abrahim Al Sanoosi to the country and his meeting with Mr. Uday Saddam Hussein on 13/12/1994 and with the presence of the respectful Sir the Director of the Apparatus he indicated that the opposition person Osama Bin Laden who is staying in Sudan and who was cautious and fears that he will be accused by his opponents that he became an agent for Iraq, is ready to meet with him in Sudan (The results of the meeting were written to the Honorable Presidency according to our letter 872 on 17/12/1994).

B. The approval of the Honorable Presidency was granted to meet with the opposition person Osama Bin Laden by the Apparatus according to letter 128 on 11/1/1995 (attachment 6) and the meting with him was completed by Mr. M.A ex-4th Directory in Sudan and with the presence of the Sudanese Dr. Abrahim AL Sanoosi on 19/2/1995 and a discussion occurred about his organization, and he requested the broadcasting of Sheikh Sleiman AL Awada (who has influence in Saudia and outside since he is a known and influential religious personality) and dedicate a program for them through the station directed inside the country and make joint operations against the forces of infidels in the land of Hijaz ( the Honorable Presidency has been notified with the details of the meeting according to our letter 370 in 4/3/1995 attachment 7).
It's from 1995. And it shows attempts at opening lines of communications between one Osama bin Laden and the Iraqi government and a meeting between Osama and the Iraqi intel services.

Osama is considered a member of the Saudi opposition - which is an accurate assessment given that Osama's earliest grievances were against the Saudi rulers who let the infidels into the Kingdom and defiled the Holy places by their presence. Considering that Osama opposed the Saudis and the Iraqis opposed the Saudis for their involvement in the first Gulf War, this put both on the same side of the fight. Common interests - striking back at the Saudis and even against the US was not out of the realm of possibility though this document doesn't go beyond approving the meeting.

Barcepundit and Decision '08 have more. And both wonder at the so called 'conventional wisdom' among the Left that says that there was no connection or communications between Saddam and Osama because one was secular and the other was fundamentalist.

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