Friday, January 13, 2012

North Korea Culls Population of Insincere Mourners; Will Display Kim Jong Il's Remains

North Korea's regime is sending people it deems to be insincere in mourning the death of Kim Jong-il to labor camps. It's a loyalty test of sorts, and the regime will get to pick and choose who didn't appear sufficiently sad at the loss of the dead dictator.

That ABC News report includes a chipper video accompanying the story that ends with a variation of "'s up to the North Korean government to know which tears are real or crocodile". Mind you that this is a regime that can't feed its own people and operates a gulag archipelago from which most people never return.

That's the real story here - that the government is going to decide who isn't mourning sufficiently to pass their cult of personality test, and if they fail, they're toast. It's similar to when Kim Il Song died.

Oh, and speaking of Kim Il Song, the North Koreans will display Kim Jong Il's remains alongside his dad (despite the fact that the country is pretty much broke and can't bother to feed itself).

The regime's propagandists are also busy adding superlatives to both Jong-il and the new ruler of North Korea, Kim Jong-un.

For all their glory, most North Koreans suffer horribly from malnutrition and lack of basic human rights. This is a regime that cares little for North Koreans and puts the cult of personality above all else.

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