Sunday, January 10, 2010

Obama Administration Continues Middle East Missteps

The Obama Administration continues to act as though Israel is the obstacle to peace in the Middle East, and not the regimes that wish for its destruction, including the Palestinian Authority which is comprised of Hamas and Fatah. Terrorists have continued firing rockets and mortars into Israel in the past several days, a serious uptick in the attacks since the beginning of the year. Several mortars were fired at Israel but fell short and landed in Gaza. Israel has returned fire on the terrorists launching the mortars and rockets in recent days.

All the while, the Palestinian Authority continues to indoctrinate and incite others to violence against Israel, despite that being a clear violation of the Oslo Accords. That gets glossed over, but Israel's housing construction is the obstacle? Housing can be transferred between parties, and yet the Obama Administration's envoy to the Middle East, George Mitchell, issued a threat to freeze loan guarantees if Israel fails to advance peace process. That's in reference to the non-issue of building homes in the West Bank. The Palestinians call these settlements, when they are nothing more than communities and homes. It isn't as though Israel hasn't forcibly resettled Israelis living in Sinai or Gaza as part of a planned peace deal (Sinai as part of Camp David) or to attempt to move the peace process forward by unilaterally acting to ethnically cleanse all Israelis from lands formerly occupied by Israel (Gaza's disengagement under former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon)

At the same time, Hizbullah continues building up its arms supplies in Lebanon for a renewed push in its ongoing war against Israel's existence. Hizbullah, which originally sought to liberate parts of Lebanon from Israeli control following Israel's war with the PLO in Lebanon, now seeks nothing less than Israel's destruction.

So, when reports indicate that another war with Hamas is inevitable, I just shake my head because the war never ended. Hamas will not stop until either it is destroyed or Israel is destroyed. Yet, this is supposed to be a partner in peace?

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