Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When Terrorists Kill Themselves

This is an interesting video not because the terrorists blew themselves up while attempting to plant an IED, but because of the background chatter by the various US military members observing the situation and purposefully holding fire before striking at the clearly nefarious group:

The US withheld fire when children were present. They withheld fire when a teenager walked nearby, even as they were apparently helping the others prepare the IED. They withheld fire despite the fact that the group might be able to get away under the cover of human shields - the kids. That points out that the rules of engagement are so tight that they can enable the terrorists to continue operating in such an environment wrapped up in the soft embrace of kids hanging around them knowing that they are shields against US soldiers, sailors, and Marines who treat the kids with more respect than the terrorists do.

And then the bomb went off, obliterating the group, and taking out at least one of the kids. The terrorists have no interest in the preservation of life, let alone those of children. They are props - to be used as human shields and as cannon fodder to be trotted out should they be killed or injured in attacks due to their own actions.

What the terrorists do is just evil.

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