Friday, September 11, 2009

From an ACORN An Ever Growing Scandal

Yesterday, Andrew Breitbart released video showing two ACORN employees in Baltimore, Maryland telling two people posing as a pimp and prostitute how to engage in child prostitution, tax evasion, and avoid criminal prosecution.

ACORN responded by claiming the report was a gross distortion of ACORN's practices, and that the two ACORN in the video were fired. Today, another secretly shot videotape has surfaced that shows the same couple getting similar advice from ACORN officers in Washington.

So, while ACORN wanted people to think that this was some kind of isolated incident, it isn't.

Andrew Breitbart released a new video from a different ACORN office, and the result is the same - ACORN employees describing how to break the law.
The newly released videotape, shot on July 25, shows ACORN staffers explaining to the pair how they can hide the woman's professed work — prostitution — and get a loan that will help them establish a brothel.

James O'Keefe, a 25-year-old independent filmmaker, posed as the pimp while visiting the ACORN office, accompanied by 20-year-old Hannah Giles, who posed as the prostitute. On a videotape provided to, they are seen receiving guidance to establish the woman as the sole proprietor of a bogus company to mask the nature of her business.

"She's not going to put on (the loan application) that she's doing prostitution ... she doesn't have to," the ACORN staffer says. "You don't have to sit back and tell people what you do."
While posing as the pimp, O'Keefe was told by the ACORN employees not to make himself too visible because it might affect his political chances and should keep the prostitution ring low key.

You got that folks? ACORN was busy providing advice on how to break the law and advance politically by telling a self-declared pimp how to conduct his business in such a fashion that his political aspirations wouldn't be affected.

How dumb can some people be - namely those ACORN workers who were providing this information? Could they not tell how idiotic they look and sound?

Far from being some kind of localized problem, it appears that ACORN provides the same general guidance wherever one goes. That's a problem that starts at the top and works its way down. It includes condoning criminality, misogyny, and tax evasion.

Yet, the media largely ignores this malfeasance or chalks it up to local issues, and doesn't investigate deeper into the group's ties to none other than President Obama and others who helped get the President elected.

Supporters of ACORN claim that the GOP and conservatives engage in a witch hunt to go after ACORN, but the facts are what they are - ACORN has repeatedly been found breaking the law, and it's not some isolated thing. It's past time for law enforcement to get involved because ACORN will not clean up its act from within.

At the closely affiliated Workers Families Party (WFP), there's money trouble too. The WFP was founded by a coalition of groups including ACORN. They've repeatedly missed filing deadlines in New York City:
The murky finances of the Working Families Party led its treasurer to resign last month, the Daily News has learned - while the party has missed two disclosure filings with state regulators.

Michael McGuire, a mason tenders' union official who became the party's treasurer June 22, told The News he resigned Aug. 19 - five days the after the WFP was supposed to file a mandatory report of its donations and spending.

He was replaced in the unpaid post by longtime WFP activist Dorothy Siegel, but the party also skipped another filing that was due Sept. 4 at the state Board of Elections.

"It was a clerical oversight that we've alerted the board to and we are filing both on Monday," said WFP spokesman Dan Levitan.
Of course it was a clerical oversight. That's what they all seem to say... it's tough to follow the law.

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