Saturday, August 01, 2009

An Evening With AC/DC

Last night Legalbgl and I treated ourselves to seeing one of the true rock and roll icons; AC/DC at Giants Stadium. They didn't disappoint. It was an awesome show from start to finish. Neither of us cared much for the opening acts, but that's not who we were there to see.

But first let me back up a bit. Legalbgl bought these tickets a few months ago, and we plunked down quite a bit to get floor seats. We thought we had excellent seats towards the back of the floor, but when we arrived at the stadium, we were directed to see a manager. He took our tickets from us, and joked that we were about to get tickets up in the nosebleed. After a moment, he asked us if we wanted to sit in section six, row three, seats 9 and 10. We were flabbergasted. We were literally going from the back of the floor to the front row.

The seats were on the extreme stage right, but had excellent views of the entire stage. It was awesome and totally made the price of admission worth it right there.

So, when the band broke into Rock 'n Roll train to open the show, we were psyched. It set the tone for the whole evening as the band rocked.

Now, mind you that these guys are getting up in years and Angus Young, the lead guitarist is no spring chicken. He was busy prancing and strumming as if he was someone half his age. They rocked it out.


That's a photo taken from my cellphone. It gives you some idea of just how close we were to the stage and the size of their sound system.

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