Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Zimbabwe Claims US and UK Plotting Invasion

Robert Mugabe has thoroughly destroyed his country economically, politically, and socially, and is now hoping that a little anti-American hatred will keep him in power for just a little while longer.
Zimbabwe's president has accused the UK and US of plotting an invasion in the wake of the cholera outbreak.

A presidential spokesman told state media they would not be surprised if the British and Americans tried to "spring a 'mission'" involving the UN.

It came as a regional delegation continued its visit to Zimbabwe to assess the escalating outbreak.

Meanwhile, South Africa's health minister visited border towns with Zimbabwe where the epidemic has spread.

On Monday, European Union nations ramped up the diplomatic pressure on Zimbabwe's government, broadening sanctions on President Robert Mugabe and his inner circle, while French President Nicolas Sarkozy added his voice to the growing calls for the end of the 84-year-old's rule.
Mugabe has destroyed the Zimbabwean infrastructure and inflation now results in prices doubling every 24 hours - an inflation rate of 231 million percent.

There's no easy answer for how to stabilize the situation in Zimbabwe, but every solution starts with one step - removing Mugabe from the equation. He's the cause of all the misery and death and destruction, and his removal would go a long way to beginning the long road to reconstructing what was once the breadbasket of Africa.

Mugabe's spokesthugs are busy saying that the US and UK will use the cholera epidemic as a pretext for taking action against Mugabe. I don't see the UN acting anytime soon based on an epidemic given that they shrugged their shoulders at Mugabe stealing multiple elections to remain in power. A few Zimbabweans dying isn't going to convince the UN of acting either. It's to the UN's shame (if they ever could feel shame, that is) that the UN and the world has failed to act and stop Mugabe's ruinous reign of power.

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