Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Rebuilding of Ground Zero, Part 55

One of the first structures built at Ground Zero is coming down to make way for the WTC memorial. The ramp that descends from street level near the former Deutsche Bank building into the pit is being disassembled to make way for the cranes that will assemble the WTC Memorial.
The 460-foot-long ramp was built months after the 2001 terrorist attacks to bring people and construction equipment from street level to the pit of the World Trade Center site.

This Sept. 11, family members and presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain descended the ramp to pay respects at the site. Pope Benedict XVI visited in April.

The ramp needs to be cleared for cranes to build the steel foundations of the Sept. 11 memorial.
The ramp was built in the months following the 2001 terrorist attacks to provide access to the site during the early stages of reconstruction.

Those taking the PATH train get to see the ramp as they enter Manhattan prior to stopping at the PATH platform.

It's another tangible sign that construction is well underway at Ground Zero. That said, there are still serious concerns about the construction timetable for the former Deutsche Bank building and Fiterman Hall, as well as construction costs that continue to rise for the PATH terminal. The PANY release is here. With the removal of the ramp, materials and equipment will be delivered into the site via crane. Workers will walk down staircases ringing the site.

There's also concern and frustration over the lack of progress to rebuild St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, which was adjacent to the former Deutsche Bank building and was destroyed by the falling towers.

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