Saturday, July 26, 2008

McSuit Sounds McFishy

A McDonalds franchise in Dearborn, Michigan is being sued by two Muslim women on grounds of discrimination and harassment. They are suing for $10 million and claim that the franchise allegedly refused to hire them if they wore their headscarves at work and that the franchisee made derogatory comments about the headscarves during the interview process.

Something definitely smells fishy here. Assuming that all of the facts are as the two women say, why exactly would two observant Muslim women want to work at McDonalds, where they regularly serve pork products? Can CAIR be all that far behind in this?

Muslim law (Sharia) and practice abhors contact with pig and pig products, so it is highly suggestive that this lawsuit is proffered for reasons other than discrimination.

It is meant to engage in lawfare against companies that do not engage in practices that are satisfactory to Islamists.

Hot Air has more, and also considers that the suit doesn't pass the smell test.

This story suggests that some McDonalds franchises serve halal food, though it isn't clear whether this particular one does. The USA Today says that the store in question is one of two in the country that serves halal chicken McNuggets.

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