Friday, July 25, 2008

The Congressional Clown Circus

The Democratic leadership in the House, led by Nancy Pelosi said that they wouldn't engage in impeachment talks, and yet here comes Rep. John Conyers provides yet another Congressional clown circus by providing a forum where the participants all but initiate the articles of impeachment. Conyers, who wouldn't mind presiding over an impeachment hearing, is instead using the House Judiciary Committee as a forum to impugn President Bush at every turn.

He basically ceded the floor to Rep. Dennis "The Menace" Kucinich and his articles of impeachment, which everyone realizes will never leave the committee.

Just when you think the Democrats would realize that obstructionism and pushing the impeachment meme that is quite popular with the extreme left of the Democratic party (well, the party base), it's not an issue with most Americans, who are more concerned with the fact that the Democrats idea of an energy policy is to see just how high they can send the price of oil.
"I am really astonished at the mood in this room," commented one witness, George Mason University School of Law professor Jeremy Rabkin.

"The tone of these deliberations is slightly demented," Rabkin said. "You should all remind yourselves that the rest of the country is not necessarily in this same bubble in which people think it is reasonable to describe the president as if he were Caligula."
Professor Rabkin hasn't been paying attention nearly as much as his fellow Americans. Americans consider this to be the worst Congress ever, going by poll ratings in the past few months. Single digit approval ratings speak to this.

They rate Congress even worse than President Bush, and this is just part of the reason why. All this Congress appears capable of doing is engage in investigations of the Administration, holding kangaroo courts and providing a forum for Kucinich to hold sway.

Kucinich couldn't garner more than a few percent of the vote around the country in his failed bids to become President of the United States, and yet he gets to shop around his articles of impeachment that will make the Democrats look utterly foolish because they are all spawned from one inalienable fact - the Democrats, after approving of the Administration's decision to go after Saddam Hussein and provided authorization for the use of military force, decided to get into a policy snit with the Administration the moment things got rough, and claimed that the Administration lied.

Others appearing at this craziness include Rep. Maurice Hinchey, Vincent Bugliosi who's busy peddling a book, and Cindy Sheehan (late of her visits to Hugo Chavez and sucking up to anti-American leftists everywhere, but who has apparently been having trouble drumming up support for her campaign to take on Pelosi for her House seat).

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