Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hillary's Last Stand?

Well, Hillary went down to a resounding defeat in yesterday's primary elections in Hawaii, Washington, and Wisconsin. She's starting to fall behind Barack Obama and time is running out for her campaign. Obama has the big momentum and Hillary appears to be flailing about.

Her campaign was supposedly caught off-guard by all these developments, and are pegging their hopes on winning in Ohio and Texas.

That's a real bad strategy, since she's hemorrhaging delegates in all the races up until those two states. Superdelegates, who aren't associated with the outcomes in individual states, may switch from supporting Hillary to Obama as they see who has the best shot of winning. Hillary has to put serious efforts into maintaining her numbers of superdelegates, instead of focusing on winning states.

Meanwhile, John McCain continues to stretch his lead and head into the convention with more than enough votes to win the nomination.

Hillary is now resorting to asking the question that most everyone who has a functioning neuron should have been asking all along: Name one damned achievement that you can ascribe to Barack Obama. She should have been doing this all along. Barack has an empty slate and no achievements to his name. His supporters can't even name one. Yet, he's the front runner. Why? Because he offers change and hope? Well, people do like optimistic leaders, but this nation needs more than a leader with a sunny disposition.

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