Tuesday, February 19, 2008

CAIR Blusters Blogger; Bloggers Provide Blowback

CAIR is an odious outfit that sees fit to troll through comments at Little Green Footballs for comments it says that should get the FBI involved in investigating the site, owned by Charles Johnson, as a hate site. The CAIR presser can be found here.

Charles and I have never met, but he's doing one hell of a job exposing Islamists for what they are. His blog gets thousands of comments per day, and the presser notes four from today:
Note that the comments quoted by CAIR in their press release were posted only this morning, and were deleted as soon as I received reports about them. They quoted four comments out of a total of more than 3,000. They’re watching LGF’s comments more closely than I am.
CAIR is certainly spending a lot of time trolling Charles' site for comments that could be stuck in an expensive press release. Now if they'd only be so diligent in calling out their coreligionists every time they blow up a mosque, school, marketplace, etc.

There's a reason that so many people are blogging about the Islamists and have such a poor opinion of Islam in general. It has something to do with suicide bombings, misogynistic practices, barbaric practices like stoning women after convicting them in kangaroo courts for adultery, 9/11, and thousands of terrorist attacks large and small, rioting against those who practice free speech. Then, there are the insurgencies to create Islamic states within states in places like Thailand and the Phillipines. Or the Darfur genocide.

Despite the daily barrage of news stories about the rampaging jihadis around the world who slaughter countless people in the name of Islam, CAIR will often excuse such behavior and instead deflect criticism to those who highlight CAIR's backers and links to jihadi groups like Hamas and Hizbullah. That includes people like Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes, and countless others.

So, it should come as no surprise that CAIR focuses on Charles' website.

That they're going after a blogger's comment forum tells me that CAIR has way too much time on their hands and ought to be more concerned with other business. It wouldn't be the first time either.

Of course, as we know, CAIR's business is to harass anyone who sheds light on the insanities perpetrated in the name of Islam, so harassment of a blogger who blogs heavily on Islamofascism, terrorism, and against misogyny is all part and parcel of a day's work.

I hope CAIR enjoys the blowback. They deserve everything they get coming to them.

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