Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Palestinian Terrorists Destroy Border Wall

Tens of thousands of Palestinians poured from the Gaza Strip into Egypt Wednesday after masked gunmen with explosives destroyed most of the seven-mile wall dividing the border town of Rafah.

Gazans crossed on foot, in cars or in donkey carts to buy cigarettes, fuel, and other items made scarce by an Israeli blockade of their impoverished territory. Across the coastal strip, home to 1.5 million Palestinians, people pushed into buses and piled into rickety pickup trucks heading to Egypt and a rare opportunity to escape months of isolation.

Police from the militant group Hamas, which controls Gaza, directed the traffic. Egyptian border guards took no action.

"Freedom is good. We need no border after today," said unemployed 29-year-old Mohammed Abu Ghazal.

Hamas did not take responsibility for knocking down the border wall erected by Israel as fighting intensified with militants after the outbreak of the second Palestinian uprising in 2000. But it seemed unlikely the move could have been undertaken without Hamas' approval.
How exactly did Palestinian terrorists manage to accumulate enough explosives to blow up seven miles of fence? Or, did they simply blow a bunch of holes in the fence along a seven mile stretch? Either way, Palestinan terrorists, who operated with the approval of Hamas, breached an international border and no one really cares.

Egypt took no action. Nice. Terrorists destroy a border fence that separates Gaza from Egypt, and Egypt couldn't care less? That's just a day after they fired on a crowd of Palestinians who attempted to cross the border. Maybe they decided that because the numbers were just too large to control that it wouldn't make sense to have a violent confrontation. Either way, it just goes to show that Hamas and the terrorist groups have no interest in peace or borders.

Of course, you can also say that this simply reestablishes the longstanding relationship between Gaza and Egypt. Let Gaza be Egypt's problem, just as it was before 1967. Back then, these Palestinians weren't Palestinians but Egyptians. Funny how times change. Egypt wanted nothing to do with Gaza in 1979 when Israel offered to hand it back to Egypt at Camp David. Imagine that. No one wants to deal with the Gazans, who are radicalized and have no interest in peace.

350,000 Gazans have already crossed into Egypt. That's a mighty significant chunk of the population in Gaza. There's no way that Hamas was not involved in the attacks on the fence. Among the quips from various folks are those claiming that no one needs to bother bringing back weapons into Gaza because they're so plentiful. It's the medications and food that are lacking.


It tells you precisely what Hamas intends to do and what it has already done. The media continues shilling for Hamas and Palestinians, casting blame for their situation wholly on Israel all while ignoring that the terrorism against Israel continues.

Hamas, meanwhile, is calling for a new border arrangement. Of course they do. They blew up the last one, and want one more suitable for their smuggling operations.

Hamas spent months prepping for today. They had their thugs busy working to slice and dice the security barrier with acetelyne torches for months. The Israelis weren't there to stop them since they've stopped patrolling the Philadephi corridor, and Egypt was busy looking at their collective navels. Hamas had been claiming that it was some other group, but anyone with a clue would know better. An intrepid journalist got the money quote:
But a Hamas border guard interviewed by The Times at the border today admitted that the Islamist group was responsible and had been involved for months in slicing through the heavy metal wall using oxy-acetylene cutting torches.

That meant that when the explosive charges were set off in 17 different locations after midnight last night the 40ft wall came tumbling down, leaving it lying like a broken concertina down the middle of no-man's land as an estimated 350,000 Gazans flooded into Egypt.

The guard, Lieutenant Abu Usama of the Palestinian National Security, said of the cutting operation: "I've seen this happening over the last few months. It happened in the daytime but was covered up so that nobody would see."

Asked whether he had reported it to the government, he replied: "It was the government that was doing this. Who would I report it to?"
Who indeed. When your government is a terrorist outfit, how exactly do you impose law and order?

This is all about priorities. Hamas manufactures a crisis and then springs with the fence break. They use and manipulate the media, which willingly runs images and stories that portray Palestinians as sympathetic, despite their ongoing violence towards Israel.

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