Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Imagine That

The Associated Press breathlessly ran a press release from a George Soros funded interest group claiming that they've proven that President Bush and other members of his administration lied about WMD in Iraq.

Wow. Color me shocked. Well, no.

I'm not shocked that George Soros backed groups still push the nonsense that Bush lied, or that the AP ran the study press release as though it was hard news.

It's the only thing that keeps them warm at night.

Let's keep this in mind. The Administration based its statements on CIA information that both parties in the United States relied upon for more than a decade. Don't believe me? Well, explain this then (ht: killian bundy):

After all, how many of these so-called lies were repeated ad nauseum by the likes of President Bill Clinton, First Lady/Senator Hillary Clinton, Sec. State Albright, National Security Advisor Sandy Berger, Sen. Jay Rockefeller, Sen. John Kerry, Sen. John Edwards, and all the rest of the Democrats during the 1990s? It only came after 2003 that people realized that the CIA intel about the Iraqi WMD programs was found to be incorrect.

That's not a lie. That's bad intel, which was only discovered after Saddam Hussein was ousted.

Others weighing in on the latest attempt to push opinion as hard news: James Joyner, and Texas Rainmaker.

Doug Ross has still more on Democrats who made the same statements, and yet aren't considered by the study.

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