Friday, November 30, 2007

Indonesia Expresses Curious Method of AIDS Prevention

Tomorrow is World AIDS Day. Indonesia, which has previously sought to prevent US doctors from helping an Indonesian man who suffers from an ailment that turns his hands into essentially tree stumps and wants to control access to potential virus strains prevalent in the country, has come upon the solution to the AIDS crisis.


This would be in accordance with Islamic law, of course.
“We strongly feel that condoms can't prevent people from getting AIDS. The pores of the latex are bigger than the virus itself,”he told Adnkronos International (AKI), adding that in his view the campaign was harmful and morally wrong.

“AIDS prevention should start by implementing Islamic laws and punishing rule breakers, infidels and those who engage in pre-marital sex.

"In Islam we normally throw stones at them,” said al-Anshori. The MMI is a Muslim umbrella organisation whose member groups promotes sharia law in Indonesia
Fixed error in first paragraph - Jersey City is celebrating World AIDS Day today, but the official day is tomorrow.

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