Friday, November 30, 2007

Developing: Hostage Situation at Sen. Clinton's NH Campaign Office

Some reports note that the man entered the Rochester, New Hampshire campaign offices of Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) wearing a bomb, and it would appear that he's taken hostages.

This is a developing situation and will be updated as circumstances warrant.

Live video from Boston Channel and more details at Gateway Pundit.

Fox News is reporting the man wanted to speak with Sen. Clinton. Up to four people may be hostages. The area around Clinton's office has been cordoned off and offices evacuated.
Other nearby presidential campaign offices including those for Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., and John Edwards, have been evacuated, as well as other nearby businesses, according to news reports. reported: "A young woman with a 6-month or 8-month-old infant came rushing into [a nearby store] just in tears, and she said, 'You need to call 911. A man has just walked into the Clinton office, opened his coat and showed us a bomb strapped to his chest with duct tape,'" witness Lettie Tzizik said.
Malkin is covering the developing story and notes that officials have confirmed that two people are being held by the assailant.

It's real easy to be snide about the situation or motives of the hostage taker, but this is deadly serious. Peoples' lives are in danger there - and it's a situation that has to be handled delicately. This kind of violence has no place in society, and that includes politics.

The fever swamps on the Left don't seem to have any problem identifying the culprit:
more from the fever swamps.

Here are the odds that this domestic terrorist is a frequent visitor of: Even
Freeperville: 5 to 1
Stalkin Malkin: 2 to 1
Redstate: 8 to 1
Newsbusters: 3 to 1
Drudge: Even
O’ 2 to 1
Of course, if this individual happens to be a disgruntled leftist, Olberman viewer, Clinton patron, or other liberal leaning type, those same folks will disregard the story and/or try to find a way to blame the incident on the Bush Administration.

It's what they do. (HT: Jammie at LGF)

The latest news indicates that the hostage taker is a man with a history of mental illness.
The suspect was a well-known local man with history of emotional issues who told his son to watch the news, a well-placed law enforcement source told ABC News' Pierre Thomas.
Others blogging: Ace and Michelle Malkin.

CNN reports that two of the hostages were released.

The hostage-taker's name is inadvertently named by a witness, but no confirmation yet from law enforcement.

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