Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What Does A Syrian Nuclear Facility Look Like

Well, based on information in the Washington Post story, some enterprising chap decided to Google and find out. This is the location that they found:

The latitude is (within a few degrees): 35°42'33.65"N
The longitude is (within a few degrees): 39°49'51.98"E

HT: Hot Air.

Is this the nuclear facility that Syria claims not to have and that Israel claims not to have hit, despite all the various chatter surrounding the September 6 airstrike? Possibly. It does meet the various criteria for such a facility. It's isolated, near a river, mirrors North Korean reactor building design, and seemingly nondescript.

If it were so easy for Alan_Browne to find this image and post it, how come no one at the WaPo thought to do the same? That story, combined with a satellite image would have had a greater impact than the story alone.

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