Tuesday, October 23, 2007

That's No Dream; It's a Nightmare

Once again, open borders types in Congress are pushing an amnesty plan that would be a clarion call for anyone and everyone to migrate to the US without bothering with the niceties of doing so legally.

Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) has filed for cloture, which means that a vote will be forthcoming.

This is yet another attempt by the open borders members of Congress to extend amnesty to those who do not deserve it. Millions of illegal aliens under 30 who can claim they came into the country before they turned 16 would get amnesty under this latest open borders nightmare.

Michelle Malkin, as usual, is keeping tabs on the situation.

While Reid might think that this makes tactical sense, I suspect that from a strategic position, it's doomed to backfire. Already, we've seen New York Democrats turning against the idea of extending drivers licenses to illegal aliens and Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who proposed the move.

People are realizing just how crazy an idea it is to extend amnesty to illegal aliens, thinking that the problem will go away if you extend it to enough illegals. It didn't work before. It wont work now.

Yet, Reid thinks that he's figured a way to get this to the Senate floor without the usual committee debate. I suspect he knows that if there had been debate on this in committee, it would have been a dead issue. Now, he thinks he has an opportunity to try and score political points.

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