Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Myanmar On the Edge

Myanmar is on the edge as the military is called out to deal with anti-junta monks who have called for an end to the junta's regime and democratic elections.
Five truckloads of soldiers in Myanmar were seen Tuesday seen heading downtown in the country's largest city, soon after tens of thousands of people led by Buddhist monks ended what had been peaceful anti-government protests.

Reports of the soldiers movements followed junta announcements earlier in the day warning monks not to take part in the anti-government demonstrations and the public to stay at home or risk arrest.

The anti-government protests that began over a month ago have turned into the biggest demonstrations since a failed 1988 pro-democracy uprising. Monks have taken over leadership of the movement, leading marches for the past eight days that are the largest anti-government protests since 1988.
The monks have also been demanding the release of a leading opposition figure - Aung San Suu Kyi. The Chinese government is calling for calm, even as the military rolls out to possibly crack down on the thus-far peaceful demonstrations, which drew more than 100,000. The last time that anti-junta forces put together demonstrations of this size (1988), the government cracked down in a bloody and violent manner - killing thousands.

Let's hope that the junta doesn't repeat history.

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