Saturday, August 25, 2007

No Official Word

I see that the rumors are still out there about Castro's oxygen intake reduction and his contributions to reducing global warming emissions by holding his breath permanently. However, the only proof will be when the Cuban government officially admits the old gray thug is on a slab.

Look, the longer the Cuban communists say that Fidel's okay, but without actually presenting him in public to show that he is indeed alive, shows just how thuggish the regime is, how it controls the flow of information and media, and is not an open government at all. They must know that if Fidel dies, their ability to control the Cuban people goes down significantly because he cultivated a cult of personality that no one else in the government even begins to approach. So, they persist in keeping Castro (or news of his death or incapacitation) from the Cuban people.

They also know that if the expat community keeps spreading these rumors and the Cuban government doesn't admit that he's indeed dead, the communists think that they're scoring points by exposing the expats to ridicule over their incessant rumors.

Perez Hilton stands by his statements that Castro is dead based on his sources. He also says that Cuba better put up or shut up and admit that Castro is dead. No videos or photos are acceptable. He wants to see Castro paraded about in public. I have news for Perez: Not.Gonna.Happen.

The communists wont do that until they're good and ready to admit that Castro is dead - even if it's months after the fact. Fausta notes that the cult of personality is like a house of cards - and if Castro is dead, the communists' hold on the country will slip. I'm not sure how fast that might happen, but it would be an extraordinary opportunity for the Cuban people.

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