Sunday, March 04, 2007

The New York Times Terrorist Wish List

I see that the NYT has simply codified what it has been urging the US to do all along the past couple of decades except when patriotism actually overcomes the leftist bent (oh, they'll probably call it their jingoistic moments).

They've always thought that the War on Terror was a gross violation of civil liberties of Americans and terrorists have had their rights violated under the Geneva Conventions and therefore must deserve as many or more protections than provided in the US Constitution, even as such rights were never provided under the Geneva Conventions or the Constitution.

The NYT has been at the forefront of undermining the war on terror and the Administration efforts to keep Americans safe by publishing details of programs designed to gather intel and keep tabs on terror threats. They've substituted Bill Keller's judgment for that of the entire Administration, the CIA, FBI, and other alphabet agencies tasked with protecting us from another attack - one that if it does occur will be excoriated for not doing enough to prevent the attack.

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