Saturday, March 03, 2007

2008 Election Clown Circus

Not only is the circus known as the 2008 election campaign season well underway and the rhetoric will only become more shrill with each passing day, but now candidates are being told to repudiate pundits and critics who make stupid comments even when they're unattached to any campaign.

It is time to stop the insanity. Ann Coulter was out of bounds for her nonsensical raving. I don't follow her commentary much, and will only occasionally read her stuff online - usually when she steps in it. She's an attention magnet when she says controversial and repugnant stuff. She made nasty comments about John Edwards and those who would vote for him. Hot Air has the video.


If the Democrats and Howard Dean demand repudiations by Republicans for what Coulter has said, will he demand the same from Democrat candidates for all the things stated by various Democrat pundits and bloggers who have said far worse about GOPers, including President Bush? I wouldn't hold my breath as hypocrisy on such things is standard operating procedure in all of politics. You are more likely to ignore the bad actors on your own side and slam those on the other.

Frankly, the Democrats and Republicans have far more important things to discuss than what Coulter said. The war against the Islamists (and their war against the West), the economy, taxes, environmental concerns, etc., are all far more important than Ann Coulter.

What do we get instead? Obama's relatives may have once owned slaves. Rudy dressed up in drag for a couple of roasts/shows with the press. Obama, McCain, and Biden all make verbal gaffes that are beyond the pale.

To their credit, many bloggers on the right are just as peeved with Coulter as those on the Left. Redstate calls for her repudiation. Ed Morrissey says that GOPers have to get over their issues with homosexuals. I think that it's more than just the GOP that has to get over them - there's still quite a bit of hostility to homosexuals throughout our society. Others slamming Coulter: Michelle Malkin, John Hawkins, and Dean Barnett.

Lots of folks are chiming in on the whole Coulter mess: Rick Moran is tired of her antics and regularly repeating displays of crudeness and inappropriateness.

Don Surber doesn't like what she said, but defends her right to say what she said even if he disagrees with it.

Blue Crab Boulevard can't stand Edwards, but notes this was completely uncalled for and beyond the pale.

The Moderate Voice has a huge roundup of reaction.

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