Thursday, January 25, 2007

Rutgers To Display "Freehold Meteorite" on Saturday

As a follow up to my previous story regarding the meteorite that hit a home in Freehold, New Jersey, it seems that Rutgers University will be displaying the meteorite.

NEW BRUNSWICK: It caused a sensation earlier this month when it crashed through the roof of a Freehold Township family's home, landing in the bathroom.

Now members of the public will have a chance to catch a glimpse of the golf ball-sized, silvery meteorite that came to the Garden State from outer space, Rutgers University announced Wednesday.

Rutgers' geology museum in New Brunswick plans to hold a one-day display of the meteorite during its annual open house, scheduled for Saturday. Admission is free.

Two geologists from Rutgers, along with an independent metallurgist, helped Freehold Township police and the homeowners, the Nageswaran family, identify the golf-ball-sized, 13-ounce object as a metal-rich meteorite, possibly from the deep interior of a broken-up asteroid.

The Nageswarans recently said they were still deciding what to do with their meteorite, but wanted it to serve an educational purpose.

If I get a chance on Saturday I would like to see the meteorite. I mean how cool is it to see something that may have traveled millions of miles through space for who know how many years.

Space has always been something that facinates me, and this story, literally, struck close to home.

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