Friday, June 09, 2006

Welcome Home

Zarqawi is now dead and we're learning that he managed to survive the airstrikes only long enough to die as he was being carted off by Iraqi and US forces, and for those who think that he's going to a better place ought to recall where another bunch of al Qaeda homicidal maniacs ended up. Hell.

The New York Post ridicules Zarqawi and the whole notion that he's going to paradise and getting 72 virgins for his heinous behavior in this life.

Bloggers are having lots of fun at his expense as well (and at the media spin). Well, not all bloggers. Mostly those on the right side of the political spectrum. Those on the left (including some members of Congress) aren't too happy - and some are downright glum.

No roundup of responses at Zarqawi's expense would be complete without Iowahawk's hilarious take on Zarqawi not quite realizing where he ended up. Hazing rites, indeed. Jeff Goldstein scores an interview, but Zarqawi isn't particularly talkative.

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