Thursday, November 10, 2005

al Qaeda Behind Jordanian Bombings

al Qaeda was behind the Jordanian bombings that killed at least 56 people and wounded more than 100 (the numbers keep being adjusted). That's no surprise. Mass casualty attacks are a hallmark of the al Qaeda suicide bombers, especially when done in coordinated attacks.

The Jordanians are rallying against Zarqawi. That's not quite the reaction that al Qaeda had hoped for. People are getting sick of the suicide bombings and horrendous butchers' bill that the terrorists are racking up, and some countries are finally standing up and refusing to tolerate further actions.

Jeff Harrell of The Shape of Days wonders just how sick you have to be to become a suicide bomber:
But what happened in Jordan today wasn’t an act carried out in the heat of the moment. Nobody builds and dons an explosive vest on impulse. The bombings that happened a few hours ago were coldly premeditated and carefully coordinated. There were no mitigating factors. There were no circumstances that could lessen the severity of these crimes.

But here’s the thing: There are people out there in the world who believe that premeditated, coordinated suicide attacks against innocent people are justified. There are people who think that these sorts of attacks are acceptable under the circumstances, in the same sense that we consider kamikaze attacks or artillery barrages or the bombing of Hiroshima to have been acceptable under the circumstances that prevailed at the time. There are people who think that because there are Americans on holy ground or Protestants in Ireland or our people on their side of some line somewhere, strapping a bomb to your chest and blowing up a whole lot of people is okay. That it’s just part of modern warfare, no different from equipping a Marine with a rifle.
And then there's the people who think that the attacks are justified. That much larger group includes those who put forth arguments based on moral equivalence or discount the attacks as though we somehow deserved them.

And, if you want to see the human toll of this bombing, look no further than Powerline, which has a photo of the family that was having a wedding celebration when the Radisson SAS hotel in Amman was bombed. Look at that picture carefully.
The fathers of both bride and groom, at the far left and right, were murdered. The bride and groom were both wounded, but, thankfully, survived.
That photo was taken just minutes before the bombs went off.

Gateway Pundit has more, including links to video. Iraq the Model puts it succinctly: The people pay for their governments' and media's denial and simple and as sad as that. More than a few people, including The Jawa Report have noticed that the terrorist attacks yesterday occurred on 11/9/2005 (month/day/year), which is often written as 9/11/2005 (day/month/year) in many countries. The Jawas also wonder whether the Aussies disrupted a terrorist plot that would have coincided with the Jordan attacks.

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Sister Toldjah is also blogging the story of the media blaming Bush for the suicide bombings in Jordan (as first reported last nite on CNBC and noted by various bloggers).

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Not only are the Jordanians demonstrating against Zarqawi, but they're calling for him to burn in hell. I believe the chanting went something like this:
“Burn in hell, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi!”

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