Friday, August 19, 2011

Despite Protestations to the Contrary, Assad's Crackdowns Continue

Once again, media reports indicate that Bashar al Assad has ended the crackdown on protesters who seek Assad's removal from power. He keeps claiming that the crackdown is over even as the body count rises.

Welcome to the distorted worldview of Bashar Assad, who has no problem lying to the world media, just as he lies to his own people in a bid to remain in power for as long as he sustains a breath. He's said a few times that the crackdown has ended, even as his security forces crack skulls and murder people who have the audacity to protest Assad's regime and call for him to step down.

Eight people were killed in the latest bit after the crackdown supposedly ended. And the UN is now taking claims that Assad's regime is engaging in war crimes a bit more seriously.

Even as Turkey is moving away from backing Assad's regime, here comes Russia to thwart any more serious measures. They want more time to be given, even though all Assad has done since the protests began was murder anyone opposing his regime and used the crackdowns in various cities as an example of what happens when you stand up to his regime.

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