Friday, April 15, 2011

Islamic Terrorists Murder Pro-Palestinian Supporter Because He Wasn't Muslim

An al-Qaeda-inspired group calling itself al-Tawhid wal-Jihad, or Monotheism and Holy War, murdered a member of the International Solidarity Movement, which itself is a radical leftist pro Palestinian group. The group released a video and tortured their victim before strangling him:
The body of Vittorio Arrigoni, 36, was discovered by Hamas security forces in an empty house in Gaza City a day after he had been seized, officials said. Arrigoni had been strangled with a plastic handcuff strip, said Khalil Abu Shamala, director of Al-Dameer Association for Human Rights, who went to the scene with security officials. He said Arrigoni’s head was bloodied, apparently from being beaten before he was killed.

“It seems that he was subjected to torture,” Abu Shamala said in a telephone interview. “I have seen many bodies during the intifada and after assassinations by Israeli soldiers, but I was totally shocked when I saw the way they killed him.”
Curiously, this supposed proponent for human rights ignores years and piles of evidence of Hamas and other Palestinian terror groups to instead equate the death of this Italian activist with Israel's actions.

He certainly knows what to say to his intended audience - equate the murder of the ISM supporter with the killings of Palestinians at the hands of Israel (which is acting in self defense).

Apparently that human rights guy has never seen the handiwork of Hamas during the Palestinian civil war - when they were throwing Fatah thugs off rooftops, or the bodies of Palestinians who died when Hamas rockets/mortars fell into Gaza instead of Israel, or when Hamas bomb factories blew up in own-goals, to say nothing of all the torture by Hamas of their enemies at any point since Hamas took over.

He also knows that to speak the truth about Hamas' human rights abuses, torture, and violence would result in a shortened lifespan (and a violent and tortured end as well). The Islamists who have run amok in Gaza routinely ignore human rights laws and condone violence of this sort, and yet Palestinian human rights groups ignore such activities and instead focus on Israel - precisely because it fits into the Palestinian propaganda machine - and because to speak out against the terror groups would result in their own lives being put at risk.

Once again, this highlights that Islamist terrorist groups will murder people who self-identify with the Palestinian cause precisely because they aren't sufficiently Islamist (or in this case, because the person was Christian). ISM ought to realize that in their incessant demonization of Israel they have not only exposed the true nature of the group they purport to support (the Palestinians), but that their actions have bolstered terror groups throughout Gaza and the West Bank.

Hamas has no problem doing the same kind of thing, but does so more judiciously - after all, they fire mortars, rockets and missiles into Israel each with the intent of murdering and maiming anyone they hit. Several non-Israelis have been among the injured and killed, so the Washington Post spin as making the terror group Hamas seem more palatable is distasteful to say the least. It's reprehensible.

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