Friday, April 15, 2011

Georgia Woman Claims Responsibility For Sending Anti-Semitic Ramblings To Rep. King; State Senator Ball

A Georgia woman who professes to be a Muslim has claimed responsibility for sending a package including a pig's foot and racist and anti-Semitic ramblings to New York Congressman Peter King and New York State Senator Greg Ball, both of whom carried out hearings on Islamic extremists and terrorism.
A self-described Muslim claims she mailed a bloody pig's foot to US Rep. Peter King and a Curious George plush toy to state Sen. Greg Ball to protest their hearings on homegrown terrorism.

Curious George was created by Holocaust survivors.

"I thought the letters explain themselves," Jacquelyn Barnette of Marietta, Ga., told The Post. The woman's bizarre anti-Semitic missives -- King's arrived on April 4 -- are also rife with derogatory references to Christians and white people.
Note too that neither King nor Ball are Jewish, but this woman's deranged ramblings pretty much hit on every group other than Muslims for disparagement. Given her admission, watch for the Postal Service police, FBI and local law enforcement pay her a visit and potentially bring her up on charges of relating to making terroristic threats against public officials.

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