Monday, January 24, 2011

Developing: Apparent Suicide Bomber Kills 30+ at Moscow's Domodedovo Airport

This is a developing situation in Moscow. A terrorist has apparently killed dozens of people and wounded more than 130 in a suicide bombing at Moscow's busiest airport:
At least 10 people were killed and 20 injured in a suicide bomb blast at Moscow's Domodedovo airport Monday, Interfax news agency reported.

Moscow police were checking the subway and other places where large numbers of people gather to try to avert possible follow-on attacks, Interfax said, citing an unnamed source.

The airport is the busiest of the three serving the Russian capital.

Sergei Markin, of the Investigative Committee, confirmed reports of the explosion to The Associated Press, but said he had no further details.

Russian news agencies cited unspecified sources as saying the blast occurred inside the airport's international arrivals hall and that there were fatalities.
The death toll is at least 31 and Russian authorities apparently are looking for three men in connection with the deadly attack on one of Russia's busiest airports, but it doesn't indicate whether it was a suicide bombing or not.
3 men are wanted by police for organising a terrorist attack Moscow's Domodedovo airport which has killed 31 and injured 130.

The casualty count has been confirmed by health ministry aide Sofiya Malyavina, Interfax reported.

The blast, which took place at 4:37 pm, two minutes after a flight from London Heathrow touched down, Rossaviation reported, was in the international departure hall of Moscow's busiest international airport, a law enforcement source told Interfax.

A source told RIA Novosti that the bomb contained the equivalent of 5 kg of TNT, while others said it could have been 7 kg.

According to Interfax the blast area has been evacuated but no information has been put over the airport tannoy.

The blast is thought to have taken place in the Asia restaurant in the departures area, before passengers proceed through customs and immigration control.
This report seems to connect the detonation of the bomb with the arrival of a flight from London, but that could have been a coincidence. It's just one aspect of the investigation into how the bomb was carried into the airport and detonated.

Video from the airport apparently taken from a smartphone/cellphone:

The NY Times has more videos shot of the aftermath at the airport, and CNN reports that the death toll is now 35 and likely to rise further, with more than 150 injured.

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