Thursday, December 23, 2010

Package Bombs Detonate At Embassies In Italy; 2 Injured

Embassies and consulates in Italy have been warned about possible further attacks after two blasts were reported earlier today in Rome at the Swiss and Chilean embassies.
Rome's police chief says all embassies have been informed about a pair of package bombs that exploded at the Swiss and Chilean embassies, injuring two people who opened them.

Chief Francesco Tagliente said a suspicious package found at the Ukrainian embassy turned out to be a false alarm. He spoke to reporters as he arrived Thursday at the Chilean embassy, where witnesses say an explosion was heard shortly after 3 p.m. One person was injured.

Three hours earlier, a package bomb exploded inside an office in the Swiss Embassy, wounding the staffer who opened it. He was taken to the hospital with serious hand injuries but his life is not in danger, the Swiss ambassador Bernardino Regazzoni said.
Swiss officials aren't sure why they were targeted and law enforcement doesn't have any idea either although there have been violent student demonstrations in Italy. One of those injured was a Swiss worker who was injured when he opened the package and sustained injuries to both his hands.

These bombs came two days after Roman authorities found a bomb under a subway seat that was defective, and it comes less than a month after a dozen bombs were sent to various embassies in Greece - with several detonating in the Russian and Swiss embassies and a third detonated before it could reach the Mexican embassy.

It is quite possibly the work of anarchists or student groups, but no one has claimed responsibility. Someone or some group seems to have a problem with diplomats and the diplomatic services, regardless of the nationality, and they don't seem willing to stop until they kill someone.

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