Monday, November 01, 2010

Mail Bombs Explode In Greece; French President Sarkozy AmongTargets

A series of mail bombs blew up in Greece today. While not related to the al Qaeda plot to blow up cargo packages aboard airlines, it is nonetheless a dangerous and developing situation.

The target of the mail bombs included French President Nicholas Sarkozy. He was among the intended recipients of four package bombs.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy was among the intended recipients of four parcel bombs found in Athens on Monday, Greek police have said.

One of the bombs, addressed to the Mexican embassy in Athens, exploded in the offices of a private courier company, slightly injuring an employee.

The other two parcels were addressed to the Belgian and Dutch embassies in the city.

Two men, aged 22 and 24, have been arrested over the attack.

Greece has been experiencing a wave of attacks against government and police targets, attributed to far-left groups, and police said they were not linking Monday's events to al-Qaeda.
A fourth package was found at the Dutch embassy and the bomb squad used a controlled demolition to disable that device.

Anarchist groups in Greece are among the suspected groups behind the attacks.

Two men are under arrest
in connection with the attacks.

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