Monday, November 01, 2010

Carl Paladino's Halloween Highlights His Lack of Character or Fitness For Higher Office

Carl Paladino was busy visiting Buffalo area watering holes Halloween evening, and among the photos of his appearances, was this most curious one:

What's so odd about that one? Besides the fact that Paladino was apparently inebriated (not a crime, but just not good visuals days out from an election), there's the guy standing behind Paladino getting all chummy for the camera. Was there no one in Paladino's campaign who thought that this would be a bad visual. Who was the guy who thought it was appropriate to wear blackface?

Voters have pretty much decided that Paladino isn't worth their vote, and the latest polls show Andrew Cuomo more than 20 points ahead. This photo is yet another example of why.

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