Monday, September 13, 2010

Hamas Depicts Liberation of Tel Aviv and "Peace Process" Continues

Hamas is busy once again with its revisionist history and indoctrination to hate. Members of the Islamic terrorist group released a video showing an alternative future where Hamas has "liberated" Tel Aviv and set Israeli institutions ablaze and pranced and danced on their ruins.
It shows a graphic simulation of the burning down of the High Court of Justice and the Bank of Israel buildings in Jerusalem, and cars with Palestinian flags driving across Ayalon Highway.

The beginning of the video shows a Palestinian refugee saying "Inshallah, the Jihad will take back the homeland."

The next image is of Palestinian students telling their teacher they want to become part of the resistance; followed by an image of an armed Palestinian outlining the liberation operation.

After Israel is successfully attacked and "liberated," Palestinians are shown walking along the Tel Aviv promenade and on its streets.

Note that the video starts out with Hamas thugs teaching children about Israel's inevitable destruction and not a peaceful coexistence.

Indoctrination and hate spewing videos such as this are prohibited under the Oslo Accords and follow up agreements. The Palestinian Authority is supposed to stop inciting Palestinians to violence, including through the use of videos such as this.

This is the supposed partner in peace that Israel is to make a deal with? Hamas is part of the Palestinian Authority and it has steadfastly refused to recognize Israel's existence or any prior peace agreement or deal. It also brings into question the Palestinian Authority and Fatah's ability to make a peace deal when it isn't exactly a legitimate voice for the Palestinian people.

Meanwhile, the US continues to suggest that this is the last opportunity for peace. That cannot be further from the truth. This peace gambit is perhaps the last opportunity for the Obama Administration and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but the Israelis and Palestinians will have an opportunity for peace when the Palestinians recognize Israel's right to exist and a two-state solution that doesn't overwhelm Israel through demographics and a right of return that eliminates Israel's Jewish heritage.

Israel has repeatedly made concessions and taken steps for peace with its neighbors, but has been rebuffed incessantly. That includes the Gaza disengagement that gave Gaza to the Palestinians. Instead of using that opportunity to build an economy and industry, the Palestinians destroyed greenhouses and opted for Hamas by overwhelming numbers and launched a rocket war when Israel prevented suicide bombers from entering Israel via security fences. The fences and Israeli reprisal attacks would not be necessary if the Palestinians stopped trying to kill Israelis at every opportunity. But with Hamas founded and dedicated to Israel's elimination, that cannot happen.

Only the diplomats like Hillary Clinton seem to think that they can substitute their own reality for the facts on the ground.

Talks between Palestinians and Israelis at the Egyptian resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh have gotten off to a real rocky start, and we haven't even gotten past the introductions. There was no need to hold public talks when the delicate negotiations could have been handled in private enabling the parties to hash out delicate subjects so that any deal could be done fully formed. That's how Oslo got done, and it is how other peace deals have been undertaken. Public peace process attempts haven't been successful.

The fact that the sides are already talking failure shows the folly of claiming that these are the last chance for talks between the parties - everyone knows that they may come back at some point, but there's no pressure to do so and the Israelis know that the Palestinians aren't serious about peace because they aren't willing to give up terrorism or recognize Israel's rights.

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