Thursday, July 22, 2010

Developing: Rep. Charles Rangel Facing Ethics Charges

photo via the NY PostAccording to the AP, Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY/Tax Evader) is set to be hit with ethics charges. (HT: Mrs. Lawhawk)

So while some people, including Rangel himself, seem to think that the swirling charges around him would endear himself among his constituents, the fact is that he's been screwing his constituents and the nation for far too long. The list of his malfeasance is long and storied, including engaging in tax evasion in multiple jurisdictions, violating the rent stabilization law in New York, and multiple errors and omissions on House ethics rules including providing information on trips and the use of the House parking lot as long term storage.

Rangel has been facing these charges for nearly two years.

Apparently Rangel had been trying to work out a deal with the House ethics panel investigating his malfeasance, but refused to settle when it would have meant an admission of culpability.

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