Friday, April 02, 2010

Palestinians Up To Their Usual Tricks

Since this is a Friday, it means that the Palestinians are up to their usual nonsense. They're busy claiming that the popular uprising that Fatah has been calling for - another intifada - isn't going to be a violent one. That's what they're saying in English, but what are they telling their minions in the mosques and in Arabic? Not the same thing.

They're trying to backtrack from what they were calling a popular uprising given that the phrasing is the usual call for violence - in past intifadas and they've been drumming that line for months now.

The Palestinians are also absolutely lying about the conditions in the West Bank - claiming that it thwarts a violent response given that Palestinians maintain civil administrative control over most of the West Bank and all of Gaza. That they can't kill more Israelis is the result of Israel taking sufficient steps to minimize the violence. And for that, the Palestinians are bitter.

Meanwhile, the Brits are fretting over Israel's forceful response to renewed kassam attacks, ignoring that Israel has every right to go after the terrorists.

And as for an item that better belongs in the April Fool's catalog, Sen. John Kerry says that Syria is committed to peace. If Syria were committed to Mideast peace, they'd stop sending weapons to Hizbullah and acting as both a proxy for Iran and pushing their own agenda in Lebanon.

Syria has supported Hizbullah for years, and Hamas terrorists make their home in Damascus. If Syria were serious about peace, they'd send the terrorists packing and quit their relationship with Iran, but we know that they're not going to do so because it isn't in Bashar Assad's interest to do so. He'd much rather continue funding the Islamic terror groups since it keeps them busy focusing on Israel than on his own incompetent and flailing regime. This is the way of the totalitarian failed regimes throughout the Middle East. They export the extremists and terror threats to focus them on Israel, rather than on the failures that are the multitude of Muslim majority countries throughout the region.

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