Thursday, January 07, 2010

Words and Deeds

The diplomats keep doing what they've always done - substituting their reality for the facts on the ground. The Obama Administration is readying yet another attempt to resuscitate a peace process that the Palestinians have repeatedly shown no interest in.
In a flurry of meetings in Washington and in European capitals this week and next, senior administration officials will explore new approaches to bringing the two sides together.

The new track would include preparing letters for Israeli and Palestinian leaders that would lay out the endgame and guarantee US support for a negotiated end to the conflict.
The efforts consist of still more talking.

That's despite the fact that Gazan terrorists fired 10 mortars into Israel today, the largest such display in months. These particular terrorists claimed to be members of the PRC, which is a Fatah offshoot. It's comprised of current and former Fatah terrorists and members of the Fatah offshoot al Aqsa Martyr's Brigade.

So what is considered a nail in the coffin of the peace process? Not the terror attack, but the decision by Israel to build housing. Once again, history has repeatedly shown Israel's willingness to uproot its citizens from communities it built on territories it returned to Egypt (Sinai as part of the Camp David Accords) and then to the Palestinians (Gaza as part of the 2005 disengagement). If Israel had a true partner in peace, the construction of housing would not be an impediment to peace as the housing could be transferred guaranteeing infrastructure and housing to Palestinians who could use modern housing as the refugee camps are phased out. Of course, the Palestinian leaders have no intention of ever eliminating the refugee camps since it provides a ready and willing group of people who are willing to sacrifice themselves and their children in the unending cause of seeking Israel's destruction.

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