Thursday, September 17, 2009

Obama Cancels European Missile Defense

It's official. President Barack Obama has cancelled plans to install missile defense systems in Eastern Europe. This is a spectacularly bad idea, especially since it would protect Europe (our allies) from a potential rogue missile launch from Iran. Given that Russia has had no problems moving its own missile defense systems up to its border to protect against a North Korean missile launch, one has to seriously wonder why the President is giving up the farm here.

What is he getting in return for giving up this program? Assurances from the Russians? Wiggle room to deal with Iran? Neither of those countries can be trusted, and yet the President blithely pushes ahead with undermining US strategic and security interests in Europe.

No, it claims that the Iran missile program hasn't advanced as far as they've claimed. I've reported on Iran's missile technologies previously, but that should not prevent the installation of missile defense systems now, to protect against a possible launch out of the blue when you're not expecting it. After all, US intel on Iran isn't exactly 100% accurate having missed all manner of problems over the years, including the overthrow of the Shah and the rise of the Islamofascists to say nothing of Iran's nuclear intentions. The prudent course here would be to install the missile defense systems and not have to ever use them than to wring hands should a missile be fired that could have been shot down - saving and protecting the lives of Europeans in the process.

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