Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hizbullah Rebuffed By Southern Lebanese?

Hizbullah remains as active as ever in Southern Lebanon. Israel has been watching events quite closely, because they know that Hizbullah will not stop in their efforts to attack Israel at a time and place of their choosing.

So, it must have been quite a surprise to Israel to see the Lebanese in one South Lebanese town give Hizbullah the boot.
Taken by a unit of the IDF's Field Intelligence Corps, the video shows a group of Hezbollah members arriving at the village and attempting, according to the army's estimates, to take over residents' houses and store weapons and rockets inside.

Video: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

However, the village resident did not remain quiet, and tried to forcefully resist the attempt. At some point the Hezbollah men fired their guns in the air, and the locals did the same in response.

After hours of clashes Lebanese Army forces arrived at the village in a bid to prevent a violent clash from erupting. There were apparently no injuries in the altercation.

Two days later the members of the Shiite organization finally left the mostly Sunni village under Lebanese Army protection.

IDF sources said that the incident illustrated Hezbollah's efforts to set up strongholds inside villages in southern Lebanon so that their residents could serve as human shields in case of an armed conflict with Israel. This is done in complete violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which brought an end to the Second Lebanon War.
This appears to have been the result of Sunni-Shi'a differences, and not opposition to going after Israel per se.

Hizbullah will have an easier time in Shi'ite dominated towns in Southern Lebanon, which is all the more reason for Israel to remain vigilant. They clearly can't rely upon the UN to disarm Hizbullah.

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