Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Wrong Analogy

Trying to compare the huge environmental disaster, the coverup, and bungling by government officials over the Songhua River chemical spill to the Hurricane Katrina aftermath is a poor analogy.

The better analogy would be to compare the Chinese response to the Songhua River disaster to the Soviet reaction over Chernobyl.

You have a near perfect fit of facts - from the coverup, underestimating the threat to human life, to the delay in getting correct information to the public, and punishing those responsible.

Instead of going with the more precise analogy, the writers went with the more recent (and ongoing) problems of the state, local, and federal government response to Katrina and its aftermath. It must have been too difficult to Google search on Chernobyl and the horrific details of corruption, mismanagement, lax environmental and safety rules, totalitarian government control over media reports, and the grim human toll.

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