Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Three Designs For Tappan Zee Replacement Span Unveiled

The NYS Thruway Authority announced that the designs for the Tappan Zee bridge replacement span have been released. The release includes some key details, including costs and timeframe to complete.

I'm not particularly impressed with the designs, which all appear to be some form of a cable stayed span, but the second plan appears to have the best aesthetics. The Thruway Authority was looking for a signature span, and only the second design fits the bill. The first and third designs look derivative and far too busy.

Moreover, the third design would not only be the most expensive design at $4.059 billion, but would require more money to make it ready for mass transit capabilities down the road. The other two designs would be built for $3.142 billion and $3.99 billion respectively.

Thruway Bridge Design Presentation

At least all the designs are coming in at under the $5 billion that Gov. Cuomo and the Thruway Authority thought necessary to build out. Now, if the companies behind the plans can stick to their budgets and get it done in a timely fashion we'd have something to work with here.

Gov. Cuomo seems to be leaning towards option 1 - the $3.142 billion plan. It would also have the benefit of being the plan that has the quickest construction time and requires the least amount of dredging.

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