Saturday, January 08, 2011

Palestinian Terrorists Strike Again

In just the latest kassam or mortar attack on Israel, Palestinian terrorists based in Gaza fired a series of mortar shells at Israel, which slammed into an Israeli kibbutz, injuring three Thai workers.
Three foreign workers from Thailand were injured Saturday by a mortar shell that exploded in a kibbutz at Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Council.

One of the men sustained moderate to serious injuries, a second one sustained moderate wounds and the third man was lightly wounded.

Two of the three were transferred to Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba for medical treatment. Magen David Adom said all three suffered shock.
Palestinians continue their attacks against Israel, and continue plotting against Israel. For them, nothing has changed and the peace process remains a farce as Israel lacks a partner in peace. Who exactly is Israel to negotiate with?

Fatah? Fatah doesn't even control Gaza and while it has reduced the level of violence, it still refused to recognize Israel's right as a Jewish state and doesn't accept Israel's rights to Jerusalem - all while calling for a right of return. Indeed, Israelis had to kill a Palestinian man who came to a checkpoint in the West Bank with two pipe bombs when the Palestinian acted suspiciously and refused to accede to Israeli requests to stop his actions.

Israel gets criticized when it takes actions to protect itself from an ongoing and active terror threat - it's being criticized for the death of another Palestinian man at a checkpoint after he was carrying a bottle but later found to be unarmed, and a woman was purported killed after inhaling tear gas.

The same people who criticize Israel ignore the mortars and kassams, the multitude of terror attacks at checkpoints and infiltration attempts. It's hypocrisy at its basest.

Where the UN will incessantly investigate Israel's response to terrorism, it ignores the incidents that precipitate Israel's actions to defend itself from terrorism.

Later in the day, a barrage of kassam rockets was fired from Gaza and struck and injured an Israeli in Southern Israel.

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